Oral Test Mutiple Choice Questions

Test your knowledge of the Highway Code with our online quiz. This is a basic version of our test and it does not include the time limit feature or explanation of answers which is only available for paid members.

English Version


  • 10 questions only
  • No time limit
  • No registration required
  • No explanation of answers
  • Immediate results
  • Unlimited attempts
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Version Français


  • Seulement 10 questions
  • Sans limite de temps
  • Enregistrement optionnel
  • Sans explication des réponses
  • Résultats instantanés
  • Pas de limite sur le nombre de fois vous pouvez prendre le test
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About this free test

The questions chosen range from recognising what a particular traffic sign indicates to some important laws which concern you as a road user. The Highway Code (Code de la route) is not just about knowing the meaning of the different traffic signs but it is also about understanding the rules and regulations which you need to abide to as a driver, motorcyclist or pedestrian for the safety of everyone.

Note that when you go for your oral test appointment at Les Casernes, you will get 40 questions and will have 30 seconds to answer each one of them. A real test simulation is available on our Advanced Plan and we encourage you to purchase a subscription to get access and benefit from it.

Downloadable PDF with more questions!

We've put together a PDF document with 10 new sample questions. You can download it for free to get more practice. The correct answers have been omitted from the document so that you can see for yourself how much you really know but instructions on how to find them have been listed though.