Real oral test simulation

Our online tests are conducted in a similar manner as those in Les Casernes. You will therefore get 40 questions in a test and 30 seconds to answer each of them. If you do not answer a question within the specified time, the next question will be displayed and you won't be able to come back to the previous question.

Advanced Test available in English

We believe you should have the choice to do the test in the language you're most comfortable with - either in English or French. So we're working on the French version and that will be available very soon. We thought about putting up a Creole version as well but there's not much demand for it.

sample question
Lots of questions to practice

We have over 300 questions in our database and we keep adding new ones regularly and deleting those which are outdated. This should therefore give you plenty of practice and make you ready for your test. Please note that the questions are randomly chosen during the test.

Find out which answers are correct and why

At the end of the test, you are able to view which questions you got wrong and what the correct answers are. You also get an explanation as to why a particular answer is right and not the other(s).

See your progress over time

Nothing gives you more encouragement than to see you're improving day after day. That's why we keep track of your results to be able to display a nice chart of your progress afterwards.

Learn the Highway Code online

We've made it really easy for you - find all the information you need to know about the Highway Code on our website. This includes tips for the oral/theory and practical test as well as useful info to become a great driver.

Use the Q&A to clear your doubts

Sometimes there are things which you won't understand and you may require the help of someone else who is experienced in that matter. If you find yourself in that situation, head over to our Q&A to seek help.